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Property Management

Our management strategy
will secure and add value to your properties.

Our experienced business, legal, technical and accounting specialists have in-depth real estate expertise, particularly when it comes to difficult questions and complex issues regarding your rental properties / apartment buildings. In close coordination with our specialists, we accomplish all tasks related to your property diligently, punctually, and in a yield-oriented manner.

Property management

Special properties deserve a special service.

We are happy to give you ad-hoc support and to enable you to benefit from our international management expertise in specific areas – even in the absence of a binding long-term contract.

  • Utility and heating cost accounting

  • Support with the administration of insolvency proceedings

  • Support for receivers

  • Support with renovation and construction projects

Administration of homeowners’ associations

Homeowners’ associations
require a high degree of coordination.

We communicate quickly and directly with our clients. All processes are monitored and then systematically and clearly documented.

  • Consultation with the advisory board of the homeowners‘ association

  • Holding ordinary homeowners’

  • meetings

  • Providing structured budget plans


The care of a
Commercial properties do not run by themselves.

We know this from many years of experience with various commercial tenants from various sectors.
We commercially and technically manage small-scale retail spaces in the neighbourhood as efficiently as we do large-scale commercial units – and always in line with your business objectives.


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Torsten Lehmberg
Managing director


Phone: 030 310 077 15-0
Fax: 030 310 077 15-40

Wiener Hausverwaltung GmbH
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